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GOP healthcare plan.

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The comic about the GOP's historical unconcern about public health.
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Healthcare Inaction

axe to grindIn 1984 about 10,000 Americans were dying of AIDS. That's largely an estimate as solid figures weren't available until 1987, but it's close. Deaths from AIDS eventually peaked at 40,000 in 1994 and began a swift decline but no thanks to the Reagan administration which largely did nothing but stick its fingers in its ears and complain loudly about all those damn trees polluting the air.

By some strange coincidence it's estimated that a similar number of unlucky Americans, about 10,000, will die in 2014 as a result of not having access to affordable health care, but only in states that aren't implementing Obamacare. (See chart, below.) You would probably not be surprised if I told you that all of these states are run by Republicans.

Fortunately, as the Affordable Care Act inevitably comes online in more and more states the number of needless deaths will fall, but it's no thanks to the GOP. For now, I'm just enjoying painting a picture of our conservative pals as the heartless monsters they are and have always been.


When you watch broadcast networks on your cable system, I.E. NBC, CBS, ABC, what you may not know is that the cable companies have to pay retransmission fees in order to do so. In 2001 this amounted to a whole $11 million dollars. In 2014 they're estimated to cost the cable companies $2.5 billion dollars, and it's only going to get worse. (See chart below)

When I learned this I said a lot of unpleasant words, and I don't even have cable. Why? Because where do you think all that extra money is coming from?

That's right, you, the cable-consuming public, are an ATM machine with a remote control, you are the frog in the slowly warming pot, with all the Duck Dynasty and Honey Boo-boo you can eat.

retransmission fees chart


One last self-serving thing... I visited another web comic today, a pretty good one, but it had eight ads of all sizes and colors plastered all over the page. It was more ad than anything else.

Raging Pencils has one ad. I hope you appreciate that.


end rant

The GOP body count. Click image for larger version.
GOP body count chart

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1984: Thousands of deaths from AIDS? What do you expect me to do about it?
2014: Thousands of deaths from lack of affordable health care? What do you expect me to do about it?.

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