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frankenfoodsadam and eveI'm not a big fan of genetically-modified organisms and neither are twenty-six under-developed countries like Switzerland, Australia, Austria, China, India, France, Germany, Hungary, Luxembourg, Greece, Bulgaria, Poland, Italy, Mexico, and Russia as they have partial or total bans on GMOs. So, unable to make further inroads into the First World Monsanto, the key purveyor of Frankenfoods, is moving into the Third, like Africa and Indonesia.

It would only make sense, from a marketing standpoint, if GMOs were clearly labeled, giving the American consumer the final decision on whether we need corn with a dash of salmon thrown in. But, no, Congress is too well-greased by Monsanto to ever consider passing such common-sense legislation. In fact, the Grocery Manufacturers Association is lobbying for a law that requires the labeling of GMOs to be purely voluntary, not mandatory. Any guesses how enthusiastic the industry will be to voluntarily label GMOs?

In you'd care to add your voice to a growing throng of supporters of labeling our food, sign the petition at justlabelit.

The curious thing about Monsanto's naked grab for the world's food supply is that they're now putting significant research into old-fashioned cross-breeding, and having good success, or so I hear. So more of that, says I, and less of the mystery food, please.


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Celebrities for labeling genetically-engineered food.

What is a GMO? (Click image for larger version.)
what is a GMO?

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