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wal-marxIf I ran a business it would be a pretty sweet dang old deal if I could pay my employees so little that they'd have to resort to public assistance in order to get by, especially if I was raking in a fat fortune for myself in the meantime. But that's precisely the business plan that dear old Walmart has carved out for itself as its employees require $6.2 billion dollars in tax-payer assistance each year. Walmart is a huge company that makes huge profits so there's absolutely no reason that its employees should have to beg for public alms except for one thing: pure, unadulterared greed on the part of its owners.

Is that everything? Yeah, I think so.


Note: Sorry. As much as I love ya'll there's no extra cartoon today.


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GOP elephant: You want food stamps? Medicaid? Subsidized housing? What makes you think you deserve it? Why don't you go get a job, you lazy, good-for-nothin'...
Man: But I have a job. I work at Walmart.
Oh, why didn't you say so? Here!
Buckets of cash, money, moolah.
And there's billions more where that comes from.
Nothing's too good for our menial-job creator pals..

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