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Things I Learned This Thanksgiving

leftovers(1) I've been driving to my sister's house the wrong way for fifteen years. I shan't elaborate.

(2) The cherished carved-wood chess set I received as a gift when I was 14 came from a Monterrey, Mexico bazaar and cost twenty-five cents.

(3) My brother did not once die on the operating table, as rumored. He was just stunned.

(4) The Philadelphia defense is pretty damn good.

(5) When my step-brother says "take all the leftovers you want" he really doesn't mean it.

(6) Bacon added to green beans makes them taste 100% better than the non-bacon type. Dammit.

(7) It's a good idea to make sure that the refrigerator door is completely closed before leaving the house for twelve hours.


Note: Today's cartoon is very late, owing to Thanksgiving madness, but I managed to add an extra comic, which further elaborates on the main comic, accessible simply by clicking on the cartoon above. Return to the original cartoon by double-clicking.


end rant

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