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The progressive cartoon about the racist legal system in Missouri.
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On Edge

on the edgeIf all police officers can be reliably protected by a prosecutor who won't indict for misconduct, regardless of any damning evidence, then we're standing on the edge of a brand new jurisprudence frontier in which we no longer need a judicial branch. We now have a police force with the ability to gauge guilt or innocence and the firepower to carry out the sentence. All we need is someone to sweep up the bodies and wash away the blood.

Suspect ID on voting day? Kerboom! Run a red light? Bang! Library book a day late? Boom! Watering the lawn after 10AM? Boink!

Think of all the money we'll save on black robes and fake wood paneling. No more greedy jurors demanding their usurious $6 a day stipend. Best of all, no more jury duty, the most frightening pair of words to come out of a mail box since "draft board".

Yes, Ferganistan, Missouri is showing the way towards a new, streamlined justice system. But don't feel left out. You can join in the fun now by becoming a member of the Stand Your Ground Auxiliaries. So grab your hood and your AR-15 and hit the streets. A new, safer America is just a racial-cleansing away.


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Courtroom. Prosecuting attorney has just shot a black witness.
Judge: That's certainly an unorthodox line of cross-examination but, as this is Missouri, I'll allow it..

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