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nice cops finish last
Nice cops finish last.

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The progressive cartoon about murderous police.
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Halt and I'll Shoot!

killer copsThe original message on the 4th panel of today's offering was "Reason NOT to shoot: If the suspect is white."

Yes, I know. In just the past two months we have seen two different black individuals murdered by police while holding toy guns in a non-threatening manner, but it's pretty clear that the police will shoot anyone for any reason. "Death by cop" is second only to "death by intimate partner" in Utah, a state that's 88% white.

If the domestic constabulary is so afraid that every American might shoot first you'd kinda think the police unions would be the first in line to argue for strict gun control, but it's clearly not their decision to make. Someone(s) much more powerful have decided America is better off in the chaos of gun ownership rather than the relative peace of a gun-free populace... as in every other industralized nation. (A strong argument that America is every bit the banana republic it appears.)


Some of you may have noticed ("Some" he says. Hah!) that Raging Pencils web site has been offline for the past 36 hours. I wish I could report that it was some vast, right-wing conspiracy responsible for the site's disappearance but the plain, unvarnished truth is that the server died and took the RAID with it , or so I'm told by my web host. (I'm not the sharpest technical knife in the drawer but I thought RAIDs were specifically designed not to let such catastrophes ensue. Hmmm.)

In my youth I might have opened a vein in frustration over such an event but I'm much more philosophical nowadays. Besides, the Cowboys are winning. That helps.


end rant

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Policeman at easel.
Reasons to shoot
If the suspect has a gun.
If the suspect has a toy gun.
If the suspect has no gun.
If you have a gun.

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