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Attention, Leftaholics!
Ye olde Friday cartoone will be late today. Go, and make merry. But come back when you're done for progressive fun and surprises.


Mattress Stuffers

mattress moneyHere's how bad it really is: The world's billionaires are holding an average of $600 million in cash... each.

That's cash, not stocks or bonds or real estate or Cheerios box-tops or North Korean sex slaves. And the reason they have all this cash laying around is they're afraid they might run short of dough should there another carefully-orchestrated world recession, like the one that occurred in 2008. It's not being invested because they were spooked by, yes, Bush's recession, plus they've now missed the recent Wall Street boat. Yes, they could invest it in new businesses but they don't, because they're not job creators.



Note: Sorry, girls boys and everything in between, no extra cartoon today.


When National Public Radio first hit the Dallas airwaves back in '74 it was mostly "All Things Considered" plus a lot of other stuff. While we waited patiently for "Car Talk" and "Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me" we got classic radio shows, radio theatre, eclectic music, and Jean Shepherd. Every night at 10PM they'd play an hour of his timeless radio programs and I'd listen rapturously as I labored at my trusty turret lathe in the bowels of the machine shop.

I, of course, knew of Mr. Shepherd. I'd occasionally read stories that he'd written for magazines but I didn't know about his radio program. Boy, was I hooked. I proceeded to scrounge the library for every syllable he'd ever written. Articles in Car & Driver, Motor Trend, and Playboy, plus all of his books. I got to know all the intimate details of "Ralphie" and his life growing up in Hohman, Indiana before 99% of the rest of America even knew he existed.

That changed with "A Christmas Story" though I have to say that I was more than a little disappointed as no mere movie could hold a candle to the pageant that unfolded in my head every time I read his description of the Bumpass hounds, or his father's never-ending struggle with the furnace.

Now the movie is firmly clasped to the seasonal bosom of America, as indispensable as Christmas trees and AA batteries. All I know is that it makes my seasonal decorating REAL easy.

jean shepherd leg


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