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electric carThere is no doubt that the larger segment of the peoples of this country take COMPLETELY for granted the relatively measly cost we pay to squeeze out a few miles per gallon in our rides of choice, choosing to also remain blind to the deleterious effects an oil-based energy matrix has on both environmental and socioeconomic levels. In truth, if the oil companies had to fight their own oil wars, or didn't get any tax-funded subsidies from our government, we would be paying a substantially higher cost per gallon than we presently do. (Oh, wait... isn't that socialism? Heavens!)

Europeans pay a lot more per liter of petrol but that's because their governments tax the bejeezus out of it and plow the money back into public transportation. America is, admittedly, a much different place than Western Europe but we could likewise tax our gasoline usage and apply that money to the construction of a state-owned renewable energy system. It would be like single-payer health care (I.E., no middlemen taking a cut) except for electric powered transport. Any excess tax monies could also be used to subsidize the vehicles that would use the system, driving the shift away from  petroleum-based energy even faster.

It is safe to say that no one likes polluted air and water, war, graft, greed, and unstable environment, so maybe it's about time we started acting like it


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poor fools


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Customer: $3.99 a gallon?

Gas station attendant: Yes, sir, but that includes trillions in tax dollars for oil wars, billions in oil company subsidies, climate change, species decline, contaminated groundwater, polluted oceans, fracking-induced earthquakes, air pollution, a political system corrupted by oil money...

Thanks, but I think I'll walk.

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