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It's the Thought? Yeah, Right.

reddit 2013 secret santa gift swapI thought I might report that, this Xmas, my pile of swag from family and friends consisted of mainly socks, sweaters, and a coat. I've always been known in my family as someone who's difficult to buy for but I think those that know and tolerate me have officially waved the white flag of thoughtfulness.

Oh, well. My loss is Goodwill's gain.

BTW, here's a quick shopping tip: Unless the person is naked, don't buy them clothes as an Xmas gift as no one really knows what size they wear... no one! Clothes given as gifts should be restricted to either negligees or vests made entirely of beer can pull-tabs. That shit rocks, yo!

I also played a part in this years Reddit "Secret Santa" gift swap. Over 100,000 randomly-paired merry-makers from around the globe tried to out-do one another with either extravagance, ingenuity, talent, or just plain weirdness. A perusable gallery of gifts revealed that some members were the lucky recipients of iPads, Macbooks, and even a 4-day cruise to the Bahamas.

Me? I got a box of cookies. Six cookies, to be exact. See above.

I may have to convert to Judaism.


end rant

What do Republicans really think about abortion? Well, thanks to Al Jazeera and Rachel Maddow, now we know. (Spoiler alert: They don't.)

(To spare you right-wingnuttery all comments are moderated.)
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Google Chow (Eat hearty, little Google-bots!)

McDonalds employee, to boss: "What? Make hamburgers? Sorry, but abortion must be stopped. By the way, I'm voting myself a raise."

Caption: If all jobs operated like the GOP.

Of COURSE I didn't say anything about anti-abortion activism being my main reason for employment. You'd have never hired me. Sheeesh!!

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