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Nein? Yes.

9-ballSad to say, I have made a small error in calculation. I proudly hailed, in a previous rant, that the 1000th Raging Pencils 'toon would arrive around February 3rd of this year. However, after a bit more accurate accounting it seems that this most auspicious of Raging comics won't see the light of pixel until April 21st. So set your calendars.

However, early February is not without surprises as the Rage will celebrate its ninth year in production. The very first Raging  Pencisl 'toon heaved itself out of the primordial cyber-soup and plopped into public view on February 10th, 2006. The first two years saw the creation of a grand total of 19 comics but it's been full-bore, thrice-weekly progressive whimsy since 2008.

Nine years of almost anything is, well, a lot. I think I've got another nine years in me and I hope you'll come along for the ride.


end rant

Entry level wages for high school graduates. Click image for larger version.
wages for high school grads.

Elizabeth Warren: Madder'n Hell. (I loves me this woman!)

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Why are Republicans against a higher minimum wage?

GOP guy: Are you kidding? Who cares about someone willing to work for $7.25 an hour? Let 'em go out and make a few million and then we'll talk.

Overturn Citizens United