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The comic about animal-based product testing.
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And By Their Names Shall You Know Them.

crucified mouseI think one good way to decrease the number of animals killed or maimed in the process of product testing is to add the body count to the list of ingredients. So what you'd see on the back of a box of, say, lip gloss might  be something like: "Sodium silicate, epsom salts, red dye #2, guar gum, 967 blinded rabbits."

You may think it's okay to torture small mammals just as long as you can purchase deodorant that gives you 24-hour protection from odor and wetness but how about if that animal was a beloved pet that once belonged to you? Suppose, in the name of commerce, industry could use some sort of biological eminent domain to just take your Fluffy or Rover and basically destroy them? That's different now, yes? (And do lost or stolen pets end up as research victims? Yes.)

As for medical research (REAL medical research and not just some sadistic researchers getting their Eichmann on) I regretfully admit I have to look the other way. At least until we have computers powerful enough to mimic basic human metabolic processes.

I know we believe human happiness is paramount to all other life forms on this planet but, to me, if a creature has to die to make sure that a product designed purely for the amusement of humans is safe then maybe we don't need it at all.


Addendum: If you're interested in finding cruelty-free products check out this massive list presented by the American Anti-Vivisectionist Society. (Thank you, Beloved Girlfriend.)


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end animal testing

This is called "Man".

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