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A Poke In The Eye

scholarships If there's at least one good reason why man should never be allowed unfettered access to other habitable planets in our universe it's probably because we spend a lot of time thinking up ways to torture one another. I don't mean the "having to share a room with your little brother until you're 18" kind of torture, I mean the "torment people until they die" kind.

Torture has mostly been an official government program through the ages. While kings and potentates used to craft things like giant bronze bulls to act as human crock-pots nowadays officials of the State employ battery-cables to the testicles, waterboarding, sleep deprivation, or Justin Bieber songs. And that's just in the civilized countries, the one's that seldom employ such charming practices as necklacing. (Look it up.)

Shooting someone can be torture, too, if you aim for the right place. You can ensure another human a long, slow, painful death if you blast a particular chunk out of the spine or brain. I'm surprised that George Zimmerman missed a golden opportunity to send a lingering message to all those black kids in his community by killing Trayvon Martin outright instead of blowing away his lower jaw.

The odd thing about the Stand Your Ground law in Florida is you don't have to use a gun. You can "protect" yourself with just about anything so, self-appointed judge/jury/executioners, why not try something classy next time like an iron maiden, or something elegant like a guillotine, or perhaps a handy pot of boiling oil? Guns are so last century.

Or best of all, why not just nail someone to a cross? If it's good enough for the Son of God it's good enough for them damn kids in your yard. I'm sure Pontius Pilate and the Florida Police Department would agree.


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