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Apply For Scholarships

scholarships Since today's comic is Reddit-centric I thought I'd borrow a small section from a recent Reddit thread on college hacks which gives some good advice on obtaining scholarships from the college of your choice. I hope you find it useful.


My department had $6K-$10K scholarships that sometimes had only ONE person apply for them. It is the easiest money you will ever make.

Edit: Lots of people have been asking how to find scholarships so here's a copy/paste of one of my responses.

Your university's webpage usually has a laundry list of them. Apply to any that you even remotely qualify for (if they can't find anyone who fits ALL the requirements, they'll still give out the scholarship. They don't want to just sit on the money). Department/major-specific scholarships usually have the lowest competition. Once you declare a major, check with your department chair (or watch out for their emails, they usually announce these sorts of things).

This is the only time in your life where writing a few essays could net you thousands of dollars. - Tetra0

Dude, apply for everything. Where I live, there was a 2k scholarship for woman who did the most for feminism. Requirements: be a girl. One person applied and that person won. It was a guy.

A guy won the woman's activist scholarship. - Fr0sTThunder

You gotta know where to look, every school has some old rich alums donate money for scholarships. My university's web page for these was buried like 8 pages deep from the dept home page, but they were there. This was a fairly small liberal arts state school, but there were close to a dozen scholarships for our small physics dept alone, then there were the ones that were interdisciplinary...

If you go to a state school of any reasonable size (>5k undergrads) I'd be shocked if there aren't any departmental scholarships. - Tetra0

Financial aid advisor here. Apply for EVERYTHING. I work at a technical school, private, very expensive. I have tons of students who apply for nothing. Most of those who apply get $1000-$3000 in scholarships. I have one kid starting classes next month who is getting $15,000 in scholarships, not counting his grants. That's more than 1/3 of his total tuition just because he filled out some paperwork and took a test.

Apply. Please. - missdewey

Every year I apply for over 10 scholarships and have never received a single one. All of my scholarships/grants I've received via fafsa without having to do any extra work. - lBlAlRlClOlDl3l

A-fucking-men. I'm going in as a sophomore this fall, and I've already 100% paid off my undergrad by writing a handful of essays and being willing to follow up when people offer scholarships. In fact, last year my uni owed me a substantial amount of money. - BurningCircus


what maisie knewAs the weekends approach I always enjoy visiting rottentomatoes.com and searching for movies which have recently been released to DVD, especially those which have garnered high critical praise yet have managed to fly under my pop-culture radar. This past weekend that movie was "What Maisie Knew". I'd never heard of it before but it came with an 89% favorable rating so I gave it a look. Even though it was not my kind of film, paradoxically, it was exactly my kind of film.

It's an adaptation of an 1897 story by Henry James and, in this version, it's about educated, talented parents who love their careers more than their children. As you might guess, the casualty is the titular Maisie, an adorable six-year-old girl who deserves more than the crusts of affection she receives.

This is not the big-budget, emotional, overwrought mess of a Kramer vs. Kramer. It's much smaller and smarter, allowing the audience to fill in the pieces of words left unsaid. The writing and performances are excellent and the directors get the most out of young Onata Aprile appearing, as she does, in almost every scene. It feels like a foreign film at times, and that's no slight.

This is one of those movies I ponder about how it ever got made as it's simply a slice of life, though an affluent, uptown one. No gunplay, no car chases, no zombies. I don't know what demographic boodle-bag the producers were aiming at but it was certainly no blockbuster. Still, it earns it 89% honestly so if you need a well-crafted tale that won't leave you fuming over nonsensical plot twists then check this one out. Available at your nearest rental booth.


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