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The cartoon about the Iraq beheadings.
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A Head For Business

losing their heads I have to admit to fudging the facts in the comic a wee bit to make it work better, so here's the real scoop:

In mid-to-late 2004 eight men were beheaded by, well, let's call them "terrorists", seven in Iraq and one in Saudi Arabia. One of the victims was from Japan, one from South Korea, one from the UK, and the other five were all Americans. After the votes in Ohio were stolen and Bush was awarded the Presidency, again, the Republican Party suddenly had no further use for this bit of show-biz and so the decapitation trollycar stopped. Totally... at least until Arizona Governor Jan Brewer began claiming that headless bodies were showing up along the U.S.- Mexico border in 2010. (They weren't.) After all, why waste a trope with an effective track record?

Yes, I know it's unpleasant to think that a sinister cabal like the Bush Administration, who would intentionally look the other way when told terrorists were going to strike in the U.S. and then, in response, wage a vanity war in Iraq for the benefit of their friends in the oil and weapons manufactuiring industries, not to mention substantially enrich his Vice-President who still owned millions in stock with contracting giant Halliburton, would order their Black Ops to send a few luckless souls to Hell if every night on the Six O'Clock News the tragically naive masses could be reminded that Iraq was poised on the edge of Armegeddon and that the only thing keeping those Muslim monsters away from our shores was the steady hand of the Great Texas Brush-Clearer himself. Considering that, along the way, they were able to gut the Bill of Rights, steal trillions in homes and mortgages, and pave the way for the end of American democracy with the Citizens United decision I'd say those eight decapitations (Nick Berg's "death", in particular, raised more questions than it answered.) were a solid bargain.


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Woman: Just before the 2004 presidential elections eight men were beheaded by terrorists in Iraq. I gotta tell ya, that scared the bejeezus outta me. And yet ever since the election, bupkis. Not one beheading. Why is that?
GOP: Uh, well, you see, the reason is...
Woman: The reason is that Bush kicked some raghead hiney and brought peace to Iraq. Isn't it?
Republican: Yes. Yes it is..

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