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scholarships If Mitt Romney was President the House of Representatives would have passed a real jobs bill. Bridges and roads and schools would be under repair, and all because Mitt Romney isn't black.

If Mitt Romney were President the House would have passed immigration reform, and America would have millions of new tax-paying jobs every year and unemployment would decrease, and all because Mitt Romney isn't black.

If Mitt Romney was President the House would have passed the very kind of sensible gun registration that 85% of Americans want, and all because Mitt Romney isn't black.

However, Wall Street criminals would still walk free because Wall Street bought and paid for the Presidency, and the air and water would still be poisoned because Big Oil bought the legislatures, and the government would still invade your privacy with immunity because it's not about your freedom anymore, it's about the rich keeping you just where they want you.


germany solar powerSpeaking of jolts to the system...

Germany, as you know, lies much farther north on the globe than Minnesota, and it gets really cold in Minnesota. Yet Germany managed to produce 5 terawatt hours of solar energy power in July of 2013. That's a world record for one month. By comparison, the U.S., a MUCH larger and sunnier country, produced only 0.764 terawatts of electricity from solar power.

Germany is making so much renewable energy that they're having to take oil and coal power plants offline because they're no longer cost-competitive. They're estimating that renewable energy will provide 40% of their country's electrical needs by 2020, and 100% by 2050.

Even better news is that 51% of all the renewable energy generation belongs to the German people, not corporations.

This can be done, other countries are doing it, just thought you ought to know.


end rant


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Google Chow (Eat hearty, little Google-bots!)

Republicans extolling all the wonders of the economy.

Unemployment is shrinking! The Dow is at record levels! The deficit is dropping like a rock!

Caption: If Romney had won.

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