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Legal Murder

trayvon martin Following the acquittal of George Zimmerman in his trial of the murder of an unarmed teenager I've been seeing an astonishing amount of ignorance regarding the facts of the trial. The most egregious nonsense clasped proudly to the bosom of this country's racist assholigentsia is, according to Mr. Zimmerman, that Trayvon leaped out of the bushes, attacked him, grabbed his gun, and bashed his head against the concrete.

(1) When the police found the body of Trayvon he was still clutching the plastic bag containing his Skittles in his left hand. It's kind of hard to attack a large, armed, physically fit man when you're carrying candy.

(2) The was no trace of Trayvon's DNA on Zimmerman's gun.

(3) The medical examiner reported that Mr. Zimmerman's injuries were insignificant.
He hardly even needed a band-aid.

(4) There are no bushes in the area where the attack took place.

George Zimmerman is a lying, murdering scumbag.


I've read the Florida Stand Your Ground law and it outlines no specific way to defend oneself when attacked. If we had outlawed guns George Zimmerman could just as easily have run over Trayvon Martin with his car or bludgeoned him senseless with a stuffed raccoon.

Stand Your Ground is, therefore, the perfect law for sociopaths in that it not only allows anyone to apply deadly force to another person on a whim but, as the Zimmerman trial taught us, makes it vital that the victim not merely be incapacitated, but killed outright.

Conservatives talk about slippery slopes involving gun control but this legalization of murder is the slipperiest slope of all.


end rant


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Customer: Whoa! Who on Cthulhu’s green earth would buy something like that?
Salesman: Anyone who'd buy handguns.

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