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Going Once!

mary worth About twenty years ago I bought a somewhat hard-to-find book of comics drawn by a very well-known syndicated cartoonist. It was your standard 5" X 8" mass-market book printed in B&W on cheap paper, and it numbered no more than 100 pages. I probably paid about $3 for it.

Last week I was cleaning out my shelves when I found the book again. Out of curiosity I looked to see what it was currently fetching on eBay. As it turns out, it's worth a lot.

I mean, a LOT lot.

As I'm not that sentimental about such things I put it on eBay. Immediately.

The auction ended just a few hours ago and I was stunned when someone bid almost $400 for the little book. That's about a hundred dollars more than any other copy I found on eBay. Near as I could tell my copy was not that special but I've always heard that Sunday nights were primo for eBay auctions. Guess they were right.

Was it worth that much? Hard to say, but I'm inclined to agree with singer Don McLean who once wrote, "The more you pay, the more it's worth." The dough will be put to good use as it's going into the "New Mac For Mike" fund.

In case you're wondering why I don't mention the book's name or who the artist is it's out of respect of the purchaser's privacy. (Or the fact that I'm hunting for more copies. Heh-heh-heh.)


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