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Crunching the Numbers

death rattleI read something the other day about a little device, a cheap accelerometer, that's worn behind the ears of college athletes. If a collision of sufficient force is detected the the player is removed from play as a precaution against possible concussion.

That's a good idea, but how is it professional football hasn't already installed one of these things in every player's helmet, pads, and/or jockstrap? If the data is fed live during each play to an on-screen chart indicating the force of mayhem that ensues the NFL couldn't sell advertising fast enough for the "D-Zone Crunch Wave Disaster-Meter". It would be nothing but high-five's a-plenty in every living room and man-cave in the country when the meter hits "Death Rattle", especially on a key defensive play. You gonna tell me Pizza Hut or Pepsi wouldn't love a piece of that action?

Just saying. But I thought of it first.


end rant

Greatest collision ever.


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Google Chow (Just pretend this isn't here.)

Wife: You did what?
Husband: I created an app that networks everything in our lives. I know when the pool's too cold, which lights are on, how much gas is in the car, when the milk's out of date, I know if the litter box is full, if the mail is here, if the lawn's too dry. Everything.
Wifey: Ooh. That gets me so wet.
Hubby: No it doesn't.

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