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To B Ark or Not to B Ark...

space ark
The Superman myth was concocted so long ago that most of the people alive at the time are now somewhat less than alive. They are, in fact, dead. It was a time when the health of the Earth was still conceived as inviolable, before smog or burning rivers or melting ice caps became front-page issues, when the seas offered not only a limitless bounty of fish but served as a bottomless repository for all of our garbage. Little Kal-el's travel to Earth was then understood to be a simple metaphor for the holy idol of manifest destiny, not as a blueprint for post-apocalyptic, interstellar reseeding of humanity... or Kryptonanity. Whatever.

Now, though, there are those who cling to the idea of the U.S. space program as a potential Space Ark, necessary for rescuing humanity after we've ruined the land, poisoned the seas, and mined the Earth of everything but thorium.

You understand the irony there, right?

I enjoy a good fantasy as much as anyone but apart from token landings on only the very nearest of heavenly bodies, developed by a socialized program no Republican will ever again deem worthy of funding as there's no profit potential apart from the piddly few billions gleaned from the aerospace industry, we're not going anywhere. Humanity is staying right where it is, most of which time is spent camped in front of 5-foot TVs, watching commercials created by companies busily raping the Earth congratulating themselves on doing such a great job of "making the world a better place". Then charging $4 a gallon.

It should be $20 a gallon, but that's another rant.


end rant

My all-time favorite Superman movie.


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Jor-El: See that rocket, Marty? That's my son, Kal-el, safely on his way to planet Earth.
Marty: Earth? You mean the overpopulated rock with all the nuclear weapons? The one whose civilization probably won't survive the fossil fuel stage? That Earth?
Jor-el: Wait... What?
Krypton: Boom!

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