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Printing 3D guns
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Printer's Devil.

chrysler buildingYears ago, speaking as a commercial artist, if a client wanted a picture of, say, the Chrysler Building covered in fish scales he would hire an illustrator, like me, and pay him a relatively handsome sum for what would be a lot of work.

Today, just about anyone can simply apply a few twists of the Photoshop wrist and you're done. Multiply this by thousands of times and you'll understand why the commercial illustrator field gets all the respect of custodial work and/or fast food. In other words, technology kicked our little illustrator booties.

While I would find it very satisfying to see the gun manufacturers similarly reduced to penury as a result of the widespread fabrication of 3D-printed weapons we'd still be in the same, dismal boat of too many guns owned by too many people inclined to use them unwisely. But I'm heartened by the fact that they'd probably have a tendency to unpredictably explode in the user's face. Plastic will do that, especially after having been stowed under the mattress for years on end, awaiting the perfect moment for its owner to do the bidding of corporate-financed astroturf groups, uh, I mean, to effect social upheaval. Or go squirrel hunting. Either one.

If I had real Mad Scientist credentials I'd like to invent a device that made all the bullets on Earth detonate one-by-one. Not so much for the resultant explosions but for the satisfying sound of millions upon millions of testicles shrinking to raisin-like proportions upon the owner's discovery that they had nothing left to make their KABOOM's with.


Addendum: One thing that needs reminding is that personal printing systems are going to become much more sophisticated in days to come. It is not beyond reason to expect a system that will anticipate your needs and create the things you want in time to use them. Shoes, fly-swatters and, who knows, even guns.

These devices might even conceivably make your food, combining basic ingredients like oil, protein, salt, and carbohydrates. It probably won't look much like what you eat now but it will be nutritious enough to get you through the day at your job at Soylent Green, Inc.


end rant


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Google Chow (Pretend this isn't here.)

We, the U.S. gun manufacturers, believe in the sacred, Second Amendment right of all Americans to own as many guns as they choose, free of all government intrusion.

Don't worry, man! We're now using 3D printers to make all the guns we want. I'm sure you won't even notice the teensy little dent it'll make in your profits.

Allow me to rephrase that.

Rollover: What I meant to say was, the only good gun is a profitable gun.

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