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Thanks For Nothing

thanks for nothingOne of the more notable "gurus" of the conservative set is Grover Norquist, who has oft famously stated that he wants to reduce the size of the government "until it can be drowned in a bathtub". What that really means is the top 1% want to be totally above the laws of decency. They have money, you don't, so why should they play by your quaint golden rules?

Well, guess what? The Republican Party is about halfway to their goal. For the past five years they've pretty much blocked anything the Democrats want to do legislatively, effectively shutting down the government's ability to get anything done... apart, that is, from building more weapon systems that the military doesn't really want.

Nothing, therefore, is the new normal, and should a Republican ever attain the White House it'll be the Democrats turn to start tossing monkey wrenches into governmental cogs. (They won't happen because they're the sane party, but play along for the sake of argument.)

So now we have government that doesn't work for long stretches of time and the checks that used to grease the wheels stop showing up in mailboxes. There's no funding for regulatory agencies so the food and water and air all start going bad. You are now left to fend for yourself so those assault rifles are going to come in real handy. Meanwhile the people who actually own what's left of this country are enjoying a very long skiing holiday in the Swiss Alps.

There is a simple answer to this madness... stop voting for people based upon their perceived fondness for god and guns. Study the candidate's background and see if his policies will benefit YOU, and anything that sounds like "lowering taxes for the rich creates jobs" should be met with loud, wet, and derisive snorting. Literally gutting the 1% and sharing their wealth among everyone else would be a big step forward, and would give NBC a badly-needed ratings boost if they televised it, but that's pretty radical, so let's begin with raising millionaire taxes another 15% and go from there.

And so, after all that, I leave you with this:

Statistically speaking, six out of seven dwarves aren't Happy.


end rant


Speaking of aliens.
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Martha Kent: Ooh! An alien baby! I can hardly wait to fill his cute, little otherworldly head with creationist kansas gibberish.
Superman: Mayday! Mayday!
Superman 2013: So much for truth and justice.

Let me get this straight... because a fictional character in an old book didn't mention extra-terrestrial life you were raised in a state that now embraces creationism, even though the same state is famous for another fictional character that came there from another world in a rocket ship?
Yes, that's exactly... Wait! What do you mean by "other fictional character"?

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