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Harvesting the Baby Boomers
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Egg-Sucking Monkeys

nest eggWherever there are huge piles of cash, whether in 401(k)s, savings and loans, stocks, mortgages, or foreign wars, there are unscrupulous men trying to find some way to get a large chunk of it for themselves.

Without any doubt, some bean counter under the employ of evil monkeys has been watching where the savings of the 60 million or so baby boomers has been invested since they came of age, and all along the way this vast tranche has been scratched and pecked away bit by bit. In some cases, like pensions, it has been stolen entirely.

Currently the biggest nest egg ever is sitting in Social Security and the evil monkeys that own the lawmakers body and soul want it for themselves. That's why the very same evil monkeys that also own the broadcast media want you to believe that this money is not really yours, that it's part of the tax system and needs to be used to pay down the deficit. That's also why they want to raise the retirement age so even fewer people will get their fair share of something they themselves paid for.

Will the evil monkeys get it? Oh, sure. They'll contrive some future financial disaster in which we'll be told that the only hope for our country will be, oh dear, the money in the Social Security trust fund. Many people will protest bitterly but patriotic editorials across the nation will remind us that only treasonous scum would dare complain about mere money when the fate of the nation hangs in the balance.

And once the money has disappeared into the black void of the system it'll be determined that, well whaddaya know, the situation wasn't near so dire as predicted so, just like 9-11 and the mortgage crisis, no one is really at fault so better if we all just forget about it and move on.



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Fred Phelps presents:
Harvesting the Baby Boomers.
A 40 year strategy for Success
First, destroy the unions so you can keep their wages low.
Second, siphon their pensions by allowing companies to merge and downsize.
Third, prey on the sick with soaring health care costs.
Fourth, spend trillions on phony wars so you can cut funds for social programs.
Fifth, heavily subsidize corn and sugar. Make unhealthy foods cheap and ubiquitous.
Sixth, contrive a worldwide financial crisis that devalues their 401(k)s.
Seventh, manipulate the mortgage industry so you can kick them out of their homes.
Eighth, when they're too old and sick to work anymore make guns as easily obtainable as possible so they can begin shooting themselves.
After all, the last thing this country needs are retirement homes full of freeloaders on Social Security.

Overturn Citizens United