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The Bush Lie-Bury
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Loss Leader

bush the liarDallas is an ugly little town. It's run mostly by oil barons and real estate tycoons, the latter of which have been trying to build a toll road in the middle of our levee system for years, a plan the Army Corps of Engineers admits is completely daft. But the toll road would make these greedy bastards an even bigger fortune so their view is "So what if we break the levees? We don't live there."

So it was here that George W. Bush, Fox News' favorite war criminal, chose to roost after the most disastrous presidency ever. Yes, I know, he was here before, in a whites-only community, from 89-94 but that was just to get his residency bone fides in order to run for governor. Then when he ran for president he built a fake ranch in central Texas, a mirrored funhouse he couldn't get away from fast enough once he'd been airlifted out of the White House in shame (His arrival in Washington in 2001 was no better as his limousine was met by a hail of eggs.) Now he's back in Dallas, barricaded in an affluent, whites-only enclave, at least until another opportunity to screw over the public presents itself.

George Bush was never a real Texan. He was just an entitled carpetbagger and now my city is stuck with the most useless of his administration's appendices... his conservative propaganda center, better known as the George W. Bush Presidential Lie-Bury.

As an aside, you'd think Dick "Shotgun" Cheney would be pissed that George got all the glory from this public edifice considering Dick was the one pulling the strings all these years. I guess Mr. "Go Fuck Yourself" will just have to content himself with the millions of dollars he made as vice-prez from all his Halliburton stock.

As for the lie-bury itself, I've read a lot about it lately, about how it's some quarter-billion-dollar technical marvel, but you know what you won't find in it?

mission accomplished

As for Bush's speech during the opening ceremony it's notable that the one word which most defined his presidency never tripped lightly over his tongue...


A phony right to the end.

To be honest I'm not surprised that George's minions chose Dallas in which to plunk down his lie-bury. After all, Texas is well-known for its cancer research centers.

I'd briefly considered making occasional forays to the facility to covertly slip full-color spreads from "Nuns-n-Buns" into classified documents but I think I'll just donate the $16 admission fee to the next homeless Iraq vet I see.


I would like to officially go on record as stating that I in no way condone political assassination, but at least the death of John F. Kennedy resulted in the passage of the Civil Rights Act. Unfortunately, the result of this result was Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan and, ten trillion dollars later, George W. Bush. Ugh.

The only real result from the assassination of George would have been President Cheny. Double-ugh.

So, like I've said before, stop shooting people.


end rant


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The people of Dallas are in a festive mood today with the opening of the Kennedy Library. many compare it to the indulgent glee following George Bush’s long-overdue headshot in Dealy Plaza.

The bullet blew Bush's brains out. Karl Rove never knew what hit him.

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