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The Texas-Boston Connection
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Apples to Apples, Dust to Dust.

magritteIn case you did't recognize him the handsome figure on the right in today's comeek is Ted Uptmore, the general manager of the fertilizer plant in West, Texas that recently went KER-BLOOEY! I had to use a silhouette because I couldn't find a photo of him. Either Google failed me or Ted's been wisely covering his tracks.

Anyway, Ted's role on the day of the explosion was mainly to be far away from the fertilizer plant because, you know, KER-BLOOEY. You'd ordinarily think that if your place of business was on fire you'd want to be there to make sure everyone was okay, but since Ted still has all his arms and legs attached to his body, unlike most of the West volunteeer fire department, I'm guessing he understood the serious danger that lay at the bottom of that conflagration and made a run for the border, and I don't mean to snag some substandard burritos for his afternoon tea.

So now fifteen people are dead in West and no one is going to be punished for it, just like the eleven men who died on the Deepwater Horizon. Ho-hum, just another relatively miniscule fine paid by a company so wealthy it can actually make countries go to war on its behalf. Adair is no Exxon but it has similarly deep pockets to salve the wounds of the survivors with cash, which on a cost-benefit basis is a dirt-cheap method of doing business compared to following safety guidelines. We, the workers are cheap and disposable. What more should we expect?

And while the comparison between the events in Boston and West may seem harsh let me point out that in Boston those deaths could not have been prevented. In West, they could have. So who is the biggest monster?


Thanks to reader Lakabux I now present the owner-operators of West Fertilizer. Rot in hell, gents.

ted uptmore, sr. donald adair
Ted Uptmore, Sr.
Donald Adair


end rant

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Silhouette of Tamerlan Tsarnaev: I was responsible for an explosion that killed three people. I was hunted down by the police and killed in the street.

Silhouette of Ted Uptmore: I was responsible for an explosion that killed 15 people. I'll pay a fine and get to go home to my wife every night.

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