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Exterminate! Exterminate!

google guardHere's a way to understand the basic problem with guns...

If the law required that everyone had to carry a gun with them at all times what you'd soon discover is that people would begin shooting at each other for a wide variety of reasons. Much mayhem would result.

If, on the other hand, the law required each person be accompanied by an armed robot which could sense when you were in danger from someone else, and would subsequently shoot the perp, quickly and acurately, you'd find that the general populace would start minding its manners and shooting deaths would drop to almost nothing as only the suicidal would risk such certain doom.

What this means is that that average American is, by and large, thick as Alaskan honey and should never have access to something as deadly as a gun.


end rant

Chart O' The Day: Mass Shootings On The Rise
mass shooting chart
Larger version of chart can be found here.


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Google Chow (Avert your eyes, chump!)

Jared Loughner: Gosh, Adam, I sure do enjoy shooting the kids but these guns sure make a lot of racket.
Adam Lanza: Ha-ha! They sure do, Jared, that is why I recommend the Hush-Master 3000, the 100% silent assault rifle.
Unlike the noisy guns the authorities won't suspect a thing until the blood is up to their knees.
That sounds great, Adam, but are they legal?
Ha-ha! Of course they are legal, my good friend. They are guns, aren't they?
Ha-ha! Ha-ha!
And remember...
shooting the many bullets is not just the constitutional right, It is a normal tradition of americans. So get a Hush-master© 3000 today!.

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