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The Newtown Stomp

racismYou understand, of course, what the GOP is saying to the American public by opposing the recent spate of gun control bills, right?

"We want criminals to get all the guns they want. Really! No kidding! Occasional bloodbaths are good for the economy. Think of all the money Fox News makes on advertising for Hyundai's and feminine hygiene every time there's a massacre in a grade school classroom."

To be honest, they know that's a terrible reason but they can't say out loud what the real one is.

But I will. It is this:

"White men will never let a black man tell white men what they can do with their guns. This is America. Land of the white man, home of the white man. Just like our white god intended. So screw your children and screw your economy, because that black son of a bitch in the White House might as well be running barefoot in Kenya chasing butterflies as long as we have 40 votes in the Senate."

I can't wait for the mid-terms.


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