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Hopeless Security...

homeless securityOne of the unpleasant lessons we learned from the horrible event that occurred in Boston is that our government is incapable of protecting us even if they can eavesdrop on every email, phone call, tarot card, fortune cookie, or carrier pigeon in the U.S.

There is seemingly no single aspect of our lives that is not under constant scrutiny by our government, and yet I learned today that they had absolutely no clue of the impending attack on Monday. I guess omnipresent surveillance is only effective against honest people.

The Department of Homeland Security has cost almost a trillion dollars since 9-11, TRILLION, and from a pure cost-analysis basis it would have had to stop four terrorists attack A DAY to justify its expense. As it is there have been but 30 plots associated with terrorist activities in the U.S. since 9-11, and a quick scan of that list reveals we're hardly sentencing dangerous criminals. More like cranks or luckless saps who became grist for political mills.

After 9-11 the public ceded freedom in order to gain security, but we received neither.

Here, DHS, have another hundred billion to waste on whatever the hell it is that you do. In the meantime, give me back my Bill of Rights. You're not using it.


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Chart of the Day: Enhanced Homeland Security costs.
Larger version of chart can be found here.


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Homeland Security officer with cameras, picrophones, etc., extending from his nose menacing average citizens. Meanwhile, a terrorist bomber walks right past under his nose.

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