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On Target

not sarah palinIf you wanted to get a zillion Shares or Likes on Facebook all you'd have to do is fabricate a nonsensical tale about some absurdly young, isolated white woman warding off brown-skinned home-invaders, preferably immigrants, through her skilled use of firearms. Be sure to use the words "12 gauge" and make sure the wounds are fatal and groin-related.

If your writing skills are poor or you're too hungover you can always use this very same, thoroughly debunked story on snopes.com.


Let's be clear on this... shotguns and hunting rifles are useful tools for hunting. Handguns and assault rifles, on the other hand, are designed specifically to kill people and only to kill people. Anyone that owns one of these people-killing machines has, like it or not, made the calculation that they can kill someone. You're a someone. Your wife and child are someones. Your brother or sister, father or mother are all someones, too. Do the math.


end rant

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So what'll you gimme for the gun?
How about the life of this boy here?
Excuse me!
How could a gun possibly be worth a child's life?
Best reason of all. It's not my kid.

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