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If the elephant goes extinct what will be the new GOP mascot?
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Once Giants

african forest elephantTake a good long look at this wee beastie on the left as its kind may not be around much longer. Over the past ten years the numbers of African forest elephants have dropped by an astonishing 62 percent as a result of the illegal ivory trade. Even worse for the elephants is that the fewer there are of them the more valuable their ivory becomes, thus an inevitable increase in poaching, the most vicious of vicious circles. Researchers estimate that these creatures may all be gone in less than ten years.

I'm not keen on the death penalty but it seems like a good trade-off to execute a few desperate or greedy poachers to save an entire species. If the U.S. military needs a good place to work off some tension by practicing their drone strikes, this would be the place.


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Bush surgery on elephant shot by poachers.

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If the elephant goes extinct what will be the new GOP mascot?
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