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Low Wages. Always!

taking it on the chin.Yes, Walmart employees are so underpaid that they require $2.66 billion in government assistance each year in the form of Medicaid and food stamps. In fact, in some stores as many as 80% of the employees are on food stamps. So the low prices, which you really don't always get, are being subsidized by our tax dollars. Doesn't seem right, somehow.

Meanwhile, Walmart CEO Michael Duke earns more in one hour than a typical Walmart employee makes in an entire year ($16,800 an hour vs. $13,650 a year.) It doesn't help that the company is accused of engaging in wage theft by refusing to pay proper overtime, refusing to honor the minimum wage, and making illegal paycheck deductions.

Walmart makes enough profits, over $15 billion a year, to pay their employees well and still laugh all the way to the bank. So why don't they?


Tex's birthday cake.Sunday was Beloved Girlfriend's birthday so I baked her the cake you see on your left. (Click pic for a larger version.) I'd seen an example of one like it on the 'net and decided I'd surprise her with a variant of my own design.

For the record, that's a triple chocolate fudge cake covered in dark chocolate buttercream frosting topped with peanut butter M&M's and ringed by Kit Kats. It is, by my clumsy estimation, about three billion calories worth of dessert. If you decide to make one yourself be sure and have plenty of insulin handy.


power napOne last thing... If you're looking for clever, adorable, or absolutely insane new web comics to obsess over please check out JL8, Nimona, and/or Power Nap.


end rant

Wealth Inequality in America

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Google Chow (Avert you eyes!)

America's most abundant users of Medicaid have something they'd like to say to you:

Hello! Welcome to Walmart!

Aren't they all on food stamps, too?

If "all" means 80%, then yes.

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