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The power of prayer
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Car 666 Where Arrre You?

prayer sucksThe result of God giving man the power of prayer is a lot like psychiatrists giving their patients their home phone numbers... it's gonna be trouble, especially if the patient sees a few of sparrows falling and thinks his shrink ought to be able to tell him exactly what that means... NOW! At 3AM.

What I don't understand about prayer is why anyone would bother as it has a proven 100% failure rate. I understand the power of self-hypnosis and self-affirmation but to believe that activating a few brain cells is going to result in beggars on horseback is pretty darned silly. So stop it! Eat some good chocolate or take a nap. You'll feel much better.


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Censored comic
Adam: Dear Lord, thank you again for inventing sex. So far it's been great but tomorrow I pray that Eve covers me in grape jam and gives me a rusty trombone in a rope swing. Then I pray you guide her hand as she takes a shaved hamster and shoves it...

God on toilet: La-la-la-la-la I am NOT listening to this La-la-la-la!

Caption: Eventually, after rigorous beta testing, junk-filtering was included in Prayer 1.0.

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