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Lies and Damned Lies.

gop fearWhen I heard that the GOP was planning on reaching out to black, Hispanic, and female voters, three demographics they clearly cared spit about in the last election, I nearly choked.

That's because I know they can do it, that they have the tools to convince the public about almost anything. They've done it before.

The GOP and its corporate propaganda machine sold this country on invading Iraq, claiming Hussein's stash of WMDs would doom us all. It also claimed the war would only cost a couple of billion dollars and that Iraqi oil would pay the bill. These unabashedly blatant lies were easy to spot unless you're the typical ignorant American who only gets their news in sound bites at the top of the hour. That's a lot of you.

Almost as incredible, they even convinced 58 million Americans to vote for Mitt "I am clearly not of the negro persuasion!" Romney for president. Think about that for a minute.

How many of you think that ACORN deserved to be defunded, or that poor people tanked the housing bubble? How many feel the nagging suspicion that Barack Obama might actually be foreign-born, and how many of you know we actually found WMDs in Iraq? C'mon, raise your hands. You're wrong.

North Korea and Iran pose no threat to us, the aircraft on 9-11 were hijacked by Saudi Arabians, tax cuts for the wealthy do not create jobs, the oil from the XL pipeline is meant for China, climate change is real, the Republican Party does not care about anyone who isn't giving them money, there is no god.


Additional note: In 2002 twenty-three U.S. Senators (21 Democrats, one Republican, one Independent) voted "No" for aggression against Iraq. Of that group only two remain in the Senate, Barbara Boxer and Debbie Stabenow. Such is the power of the military-industrial succubus.


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