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bjried aliveThere was a time in our history when it was difficult to tell if someone was actually 100%, entirely, totally, and completely dead. The more rash societies would toss their expired loved ones in the fire or the river and get back to the matter of survival, but others developed the custom of the wake, or something much like it. Several days were spent in attendance of the stricken in the hopes that Death would relinquish his grasp and allow his charge to return to the land of the living. It was a stressful occasion, no doubt, so it's no surprise that strong drink became part of the ritual.

Even so, occasionally some poor soul suffered the sad misfortune of being buried alive. It happened often enough that a system of alarms were developed, one being a bell situated at the grave site and connected to the hand of the deceased by means of a rope. So if you've ever wondered where the phrase "saved by the bell" arose, there's your answer. (Note: there are no documented cases of anyone being saved by this method.)

As for spinning in one's grave, well, if you found yourself interred alive I doubt you'd be doing jumping jacks.


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The best onion rings ever! Hyperbolic? I think not!

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Today hundreds of prominent politicians, scientists and humanitarians were exhumed from their graves and then reinterred inside coffins designed to rotate rapidly about their long axis.

Shortly after hyperbole was outlawed.

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