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Blood Money

prayer sucksAccording to a story by, of all people, the Washington Post, with help from the Sunlight Foundation, we know who the NRA gives its lobbyist dough to. And how much. It should come as no surprise that, by a whopping huge margin, it's the Republican Party that receives the greatest benefit of NRA largesse. Check the chart below for the take in the Senate and click the "whores" link to see how the NRA spreads its bribes throughout the House.

Though Mr. Alexander received the tidy sum of $10,000 from the NRA (that we know about) in 2012 to soothe his fevered conscience it's even more sobering to know that most GOP Senators received far less. In some cases reducing your child's life to less than fifty cents.

Addendum: For some more eye-popping stats and facts on gun deaths and injuries in this country please read David Nelson's outstanding article "In It For the Money: Running the Gun Numbers."


sleepless nightYou enjoyed the movie Die Hard, right? And you liked the movie Taken, right? Well, how about a movie that's sort of like Die Hard meets Taken? Sounds interesting, no?

It's a smart 2012 French film called Sleepless Night (see the trailer) and it's not just interesting, it's terrific! A drug heist gone bad results in a police officer's son being kidnapped, and the ransom is the missing goods. He finds himself alone fighting hoods, drug lords, various psychos, honest cops and crooked cops... not to mention half the disco-crazed horndogs of Paris.

It's available now on Netflix or for .99 cents on Amazon Instant Video. The film is in French with English subtitles. I personally enjoy subtitled foreign films but I know that fact alone will turn many of you off, but I guarantee you it's worth the effort.

BTW, if it seems hypocritical to enjoy a film full of hot gun action but protest guns in general it's because one's a fiction and the other is real live kids dying. If the movies was the only place to see people shoot one another I'd be a happy guy.


end rant

Today Chart O' the Day: Senate NRA Whores:

Larger version of chart to be found here.

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Google Chow (Avert you eyes!)

This is Republican Senator Lamar Alexander. This is the number of teens and children killed by gunfire in 2012. This is $10,000. It's how much the NRA gave to Mr. Alexander to vote no on gun control in 2012. This is $3. This is how much Mr. Alexander thinks your child's life is worth.

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