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Southern Crossed

not sarah palinYou can have all the science in the world and still have a disturbingly large number of fools who still believe in magic... but enough about the Ryan budget plan.

As for the style of today's cartoon, I've been rereading my copies of "The Complete Crumb", the massive collection of underground cartoonist Robert Crumb's artwork, and feeling rather the slacker for underutilizing the crosshatch. So here you go.


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Chart O' the Day: Know Your Plastics

Larger Version of chart here.

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Google Chow (Avert you eyes!)

Street preacher to scientist: You can keep your geology and your biology, brother, but it won't do you any good when you're burning in the fires of Hell! The Earth and everything on it was made 6000 years ago by God himself! That's what the Bible tells me and I believe it!

What life would be like if modern science had predated religion.

Overturn Citizens United