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Quite Possibly True

kick the blow your mindJohn Tyler, 10th president of the U.S., born 1790, has 2 currently living grandsons.

Aldous Huxley was George Orwell's high school French teacher.

At one point, you were the youngest person in the world.

Charlie Chaplin once participated in a Charlie Chaplin look-a-like contest... and lost.

Number of bridges that cross the Amazon: Zero.

It would take 1,200,000 mosquitoes, all sucking at the same time, to drain the average human of blood.

If you dug a hole to the center of the Earth, and dropped a brick in it, it would take 42 minutes to get to the bottom.

On average, people laugh as often as they fart.

A piece of floating dust is halfway between the size of the earth and a proton.

Barack Obama owes his presidency to Star Trek Voyager and the character Seven Of Nine (the hot cyborg chick in the gray unitard). Long story short, she has to commute to L.A. to keep filming the show while her husband, Republican political candidate Jack Ryan is in Illinois. This strains the marriage, a bunch of personal sex secrets about Jack Ryan come out during the messy divorce, he's forced to withdraw his candidacy for the senate and underdog candidate Barack Hussein Obama becomes the Senator from Illinois, setting in motion his rise to Presidency.

Cleopatra is believed to have used a vibrator powered by live bees.

Abraham Lincoln and John F. Kennedy had a lot in common.

The point closest to Africa in the United States is located in Lubec, Maine.

If you opened the top of the star Betelgeuse and started pouring Earths in at the rate of 1000 per second, it would take over 100,000 years to fill up.

Left to its own devices, hydrogen turns into people.


Before you go, please sign this petition to replace "In God We Trust" on our money with our nation's actual motto, "E. pluribus unum". Thanks!


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Google Chow (Avert you eyes!)

Funny thing about pi.
It's basically infinite, which means if you decoded every known MP3 into a denary string you'd find that exact string buried somewhere in pi.
Interesting, but who could possibly find that useful?
Nobody sane. (RIAA)

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