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The comic about racism and Apollo 11.
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The Race-Based Space Race

JFKAs we all know, the Affordable Health Care Act was essentially a Republican idea implemented by a Democratic president. (It's not single-payer, but we'll get there.) Conversely, the Apollo moon program was the brain-child of a Democratic president, even though it's ultimate goal was achieved during a Republican presidency.

(This back-handed analogy would have had more gristle had a black man attained the presidency in 1960, though LBJ would have probably still become president in 1963, if you get my morbid drift.)

It's an odd thought but if the Democrats back in '69 had practiced modern Republican obstructionism there would still have been Americans on the moon that summer but not without a lot of socialist-this and marxist-that. Although justifiably so, in this case, as Nixon turned out to be quite the treasonous little cur.


Note: In the eight-plus year history of this comic I've used photographs instead of art very rarely. Very, VERY rarely. That I've used photos in two comics in the last week is just curious circumstance, owing much to the holidays and, in the case of today's comic, an idea that just begged for the image I eventually used. I won't say that it won't happen again any time soon but... SQUIRREL!


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Do you ever get the feeling that if Barack Obama had been elected President in 1968 the GOP would have spent all of 1969 trying to defund NASA?

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