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All Glory To The Hypnotoad©

JFKYes, yes. I know. Everybody loves the new Hypnotoad, but I don't.

As you stare into his happy, friendly, throbbing, pulsing, mesmerizing gaze you almost forget that he's the head of an organization that has persecuted the non-hypnotized for a thousand years while also systematically denying advances in science.

Yes, it's certainly true that the Hypnopians only rarely get caught engaging in inquisitions these days, and they accept any science that can be easily spun to fit Hypno-templates, but lets not forget that the current Hypnotoad only attained his lofty position after his predecessor was caught cannibalizing his own young and had to leave the galaxy stashed away in the hold of a Peruvian solar-junk.

The new Hypnotoad has gone to great lengths to mollify a nervous public, even going so far as to suggest that intergalactic mega-corporations should share their vast hordes of bio-credits with all sentient life-forms instead of converting them into Slurm. He also hints that female Hypnotoads may someday be allowed to equally delve into the corrupted recesses of our souls and bend our wills to their dark desires, but I won't be so easily stupefied. He is just a figurehead doing whatever he's told and, given enough time, would happily take us back to the moment when no man dared not look back into the abyss and say "Thank you, Father."

Slurm® is a registered trademark of Momcorp. All rights reserved.


Gina CaranoTiny Movie Revue: Don't you hate those movies where they take some dainty Hollywood starlet and try and make her a bad-ass action hero? Me, too, which is why I really enjoyed watching "Haywire" this past weekend. It's a "small" Steven Soderbergh film featuring MMA veteran Gina Carano in the part of a double-crossed covert operative. She brings a real heft to the part and when she starts throwing punches, you feel it. It's available on Netflix, so go watch.

(One last note: Ms. Carano has a Dallas connection as her dad, Glenn Carano, played quarterback for the Cowboys for seven years. You never heard of him because he played backup to both Roger Staubach and Danny White. Tough luck, but good teams.)


end rant

A Catholic Inquisition in the 20th century? Oh, yes.

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