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The comic about the greatest Xmas gift.
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Aghast of Xmas Presents

fucking reindeerI got an early Saturnalia present from Beloved Girlfriend just in time for the annual Stanfill Xmas/Solstice Family Reunion Hoedown Hullabaloo. It was a sweatshrt not too unlike the picture just to the left.

Yes, those naughty little reindeer are vigorously "doing it", and by "it" I mean the Heimlich maneuver. At least, that's what I told all the beady-eyes little rug-rats I caught staring at it too long.

It's a great sweatshirt, one that received it's share of double and occasional triple takes but it's a damn shame that I can only wear it once. If I wear it again next year it would be like "Oh, yeah. That thing again. Pass the egg-nog."

Still, great shirt. Better girlfriend. I can hardly wait to see what's under the tree.


end rant

In case you're interested, here's my favorite Xmas song of them all.

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Google Chow (Eat hearty, little Google-bots!)

The postman handed me a package this morning. He said it was a special delivery from the North Pole, a gift from Santa that had somehow gotten lost along the way. Inside was a toy I'd asked Santa for back when I was a little kid. It was probably the second best Xmas gift I ever got in my life. Second only to a girlfriend with a wicked sense of humor who really knows how to use eBay.

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