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Where the Buffalo Stampede.

stampedeThis Saturday the sprawling Stanfill clan assembles for our annual seasonal Xmas-Palooza. We always meet the Saturday before the 25th as it then allows everyone a chance to return to their respective corners and celebrate the Big Day quietly with their families. It also means the stores are open for last-minute shopping or if we run out of fake snow. Very convenient.

When I say "sprawling" I'm not kidding. My folks had eight kids and most of them wasted no time unleashing their genetic lightning upon this hapless, unsuspecting world. And we don't waste time, either. My mother was a grandmother at 36, a great-grandmother at 54, and is probably a great-great-grandmother by now (though that branch of the family tree is a bit gnarled). Counting all the spouses and successive generations of offspring we may have close to 40 people roaming the halls of the home of my patient sister and her outwardly cranky yet inwardly gracious hubby. (Hi, Al!)

We'll eat like starving stevedores, trade a zillion gifts, and then wind down the evening with a raucous game of Dirty Santa, though there yet exists an ever-present threat of karaoke. I anticipate a handful of contusions, at least one fist-fight, and any number of shared pathogens.

It'll be awesome. I hope your celebrations are likewise.

Addendum: It hasn't escaped non-theistic little me that this Saturday is the Winter Solstice. That's why all my packages will gleefully bear the little solstice message(aboove) instead of an Xmas-y one.


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I'm always on the lookout for nice, new Xmas tunes. This one's a keeper.

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