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The comic about Isaac Newton's birthday.
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One Ringy-Dingy

god's phone"Y
ello! This is the Big Kahuna. Mary? Yeah, sure, I remember her. Cute little brunette I met at a shindig in Bethlehem summer before last. Did I schtup her? Well, yeah, in spirit. After all, she was a virgin. She what? When? No way! What the Hell kind of name is Jesus? So what's she saying about me? Shit. Well, I guess I need to put a positive spin on this before the press gets ahold of it. How about we tell everybody that I sent the kid down there to, uh, to give everyone eternal life. Yeah! That oughta work. No, I can't flood the world again. You shoulda seen my water bill that month. Thanks for calling, Satan. Love to the missus."


Season's Greeting, Happy Holidays, Joyous Saturnalia, and a Rousing Lupercalia! See you Friday!


end rant

And, because I love you all, The Twelve Days of Elves.

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Long ago, on December 25th, under the light of a star, a saviour was born unto man.
He forevermore changed inquiry into the physical universe from murky speculation into mathematical precision
Happy Birthday, Isaac Newton.

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