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Road to Perdition

Albert Einstein RoadDallas, Texas, my home town, is a funny sort of place. We like to name our main thoroughfares after political or local business hot-shots. This drives Beloved Girlfriend crazy as she's from Detroit, where roads are referred to using nice, sensible numbers.

For instance, the previous main loop around Dallas is known on maps as I-635, but we invariably call it "The LBJ Freeway" or just "LBJ". That road was recently supplanted by an even larger loop around the city, SH 190, vexingly designated "The President George Bush Turnpike". This, of course, refers to Reagan's miserable little failure of a vice president rather than the Worst President of all Time but the effect is still gallingly the same.

It's not all bad, though. Whenever it's time for the traffic report I get to hear news of stalled vehicles and simple human misery associated with the name of a full-fledged war criminal.

We have roads named after famous folk like Ronald Reagan and Tom Landry, politicians like Sam Rayburn and Jim Wright, and a long list of who-dats like Julius Scheppes, Marvin D. Love, John W. Carpenter, Woodall Rogers, Angus Wynn, plus someone named C.F. Hawn.

But there's no road in Dallas named after John F. Kennedy. Yeah, Dallas is mean that way. Still mean, actually.

We also have a road named for Martin Luther King , Jr. , but, of course, it's in a predominantly black part of town, which is, when you think of it, antithetical to his message of inclusiveness. Dallas is mean that way.

We're hardly unique in our reverence for the good doctor. In fact, over 650 U.S. cities have named a road after Mr. King (which means it's vital to put the correct Zip code on your letters) but do you know how many roads in the U.S. are named after Albert Einstein, possibly the world's most famous physicist?

According to Wikipedia, one, in Norman, Oklahoma. That may not seem fair but at least he has an element named him, and how many of us can say that?

Without doubt we owe a great debt to the men and women whose scientific discoveries have made life better for us all, so would it kill us to replace a few Elm and Main Streets with some Galileos or a Niels Bohrs? Maybe even Hedy Lamarr, who invented the frequency hoping spread-spectrum. Just sayin'.


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Get on the Albert Einstein Freeway and take the Erwin Schrodinger exit. Keep going until you hit Charles Darwin Avenue. Make a sharp left and go straight until you merge with Isaac Newton Street. When you get to Antoine Laurent Lavoisier Lane make a left and keep an eye out for James Clark Maxwell Parkway. If you hit Michael Faraday Boulevard you've gone too far.
Caption: If I named the streets.

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