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Blow Me, Cut Me, Eat Me, Unwrap Me, Spank Me.

happy birthday, mike!Admittedly, the above cartoon is a bit of a dog and I'll probably look back upon it with some regret but, in my defense, today is my birthday and I need some space to re-examine and review the previous 365 stultifying days of my scintillating life so I'm running a 'toon I've had packed away in the emergency vaults for just such an occasion.

And, no, the cake to your left wasn't made specifically for me, though such a dandy confection would have been a good start to another tintinnabular year if it had been.


end rant

I'm going to pretend that this video of a ceiling fan singing "Happy Birthday" was meant for me. Be sure to give the lady who created the vid glowing comments as she's quite the avant-garde artiste.

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Frankenstein at a urinal.
Man: Jewish, huh? I'd have never guessed.
Frankenstein: I was converted... with a bandsaw.

Caption: A scene from Mary Shelley's "Frankensteinstein".

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