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The comic about security versus anarchy viz the Second Amendment.
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Bless This Mess

scapegoatThis system we have of letting basically anyone and everyone own a gun and decide for themselves how to properly mete out justice by eliminating random Americans from the gene pool is working out pretty well so far, if the daily body count is any judge.

But let's not blame the NRA for the ever-mounting murder and suicide rate. It's clear that Jesus, who could wave his little pinky and make all guns vanish from the face of the Earth if he wanted to, is content to let the wholesale slaughter continue as long as the turnstiles keep spinning at the pearly gates.

So shoot someone for Jesus. I know I will.


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This is security, otherwise known as a well-regulated militia.
Men with guns protecting their country.
This is anarchy, Better known as the second half of the Second Amendment.
Men with guns shooting randomly at one another.

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