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Hello, I Must Be Going.

scapegoatIt's now 3:30 AM. This is my second try at a comic this evening because, as occasionally happens, the first attempt suffered from fatal deficiencies in style, grace, humor, and timeliness.

Basically, the usual.

Tonight was All Hallow's Eve and as usual, all the smart kids in my area opted to be chauffeured across town to the ritzier neighborhoods, to assault en masse the McMansions which proffer the full-size candy bars. My hood is, sadly, more of the Smarties and Toostie Roll variety. As a result I had a total of only about 20 kids stagger up to my door, entreating me for small globs of sugared dainties. As is my habit I opened the door to each new trick-or-treater holding in my arms a large bucket labeled "POISON", it being filled with tempting goodies. I assured each of the little nippers, with an odd gleam in my eye, that the red candy was the best of all. Yessss, the red candy. Eat the red candy.

I love this time of year.

Incidentally, as of today, and for the rest of the year, you will never again hear the phrase "But it's not even Halloween!" when someone spies Xmas-related goods.

Just thought you ought to know. See you Monday.


end rant

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