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The cartoon about Republican Party scapegoating.
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It's Your Party and I'll Cry If I Want To.

scapegoatWhat would the GOP do without someone to blame for their inability to govern?

For instance:

Wall Street bankers gamed the system and almost caused a worldwide economic meltdown, so who does the GOP blame? Those poor suckers who got funny-money loans for McMansions with no money down.

Trillions of tax dollars were lost to unfunded wars, Medicare Part D, and the Bush tax cuts. Instead of raising revenue and voting for jobs bills numerous GOP-led states begin firing thousands of teachers, firefighters, and policemen.

Fewer and fewer Americans are voting for the GOP so instead of adopting a more centrist platform they simply accuse ACORN, minorities, students, and women of voter fraud, then changed the voting rules, making it harder to cast a vote if you're anything but a white male.

America was attacked by a small group of terrorists, so the GOP lied about WMDs and mushroom clouds and weapons inspectors and proceeded to invade the wrong country. A half-million innocent people die.

The embassies the GOP purposely underfunded were overrun by "terrorists" and Americans began dying, so the GOP blamed Hillary Clinton.... because they're afraid of Hillary Clinton.

The GOP discovers that the IRS is screening both progressive and conservative groups applying for 401(c)(4) status, so they blame the IRS for screening conservative groups.

Mr. Obama gets blamed for everything by the GOP. Even things he didn't so.

Systemic failures in both the military and the FAA result in the devastating attacks of 9-11. Over 4000 people died but no one was fired or demoted.


BTW, if you're looking for some last minute Halloween fun for the little ones allow me to offer Cat Bowling, which is pretty much exactly what you think it is.


end rant

republican hypocrisy

It's fun watching Dick Cheney get called a war criminal by one of his own. (Sorry about the ad.)

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Two ragged GOP elephants on a deserted island. Two boxes have floated onto the shore, one marked 'food' and the other labeled 'scapegoats'.
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