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The cartoon about a really unfortunate, totally fictional, legally parodyable blind date between Adam Lanza and Jenny McCarthy.
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Wholly Entrancing

I watched a real oddball movie this weekend, one I really need to share and recommend. It's called "Holy Motors" and here's what it may, or may not, be about:

Imagine a world in which all the important people in our lives are simply roles played by professional actors, or, in this case, one particular actor, moving swiftly from one assignment to another in a sort of Tardis/dressing room/stretch limo.

That's bizarre enough but then you reach the final minute of the movie and then everything you presupposed is wrong. And that's okay.

Darkly funny, beautifully directed and acted, and definitely a total mind-hump. Coming soon to a rental box near you.


I accidentally wrote a Steven Wright joke tonight. If someone can get it to him please tell him I take tens and twenties. Here she goes:

My girlfriend and I entered into a suicide pact today. She's going to overdose on barbiturates and I'm going to become an asbestos miner. I figure, what's the rush?


One more thing: On or about the 3rd of February, 2014, Raging Pencils will celebrate the creation of its 1000th comic. After I made the first one back in 2006 I certainly never envisioned another 999 but here were are. I'll do my best to make #1000 'special'.


end rant

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Adam Lanza and Jenny McCarthy, the best and worst match.com date ever.
Adam: What a small world! I like killing kids, too! How do you feel about assaults on grade schools?
Jenny: Amateur.
It didn't work out. She was a cat person and he eats cats.

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