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We All Scream

cuisinart ice20rI don't recall how or when Beloved Girlfriend and I got on the subject but somehow, some way, we both recently began focusing on the notion of ice cream making machines. No doubt it had much to do with the intersection of our love of good ice cream and the fun we both have with our breadmakers. So I wasn't too surprised when BF gifted me with a big, red Cuisinart ice cream maker on my birthday last Wednesday.

After several impatient days we finally got around to making our first batch this past Saturday night. It was chocolate, of course. It took a bit more time and trouble than I figured, specifically the freezer bowl had to be chilled for about 24 hours, but the result was spectacular. No emulsifiers, nothing artificial, just cream and sugar and chocolate and oh, my ZEUS was that sucker tasty! Good ingredients and more ice cream than air makes a huge difference in quality, kids.

These machines aren't all that expensive so if you like food that's a notch above "good enough" I highly recommend you try one of these doo-dads.


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