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The comic about North Carolina gerrymandering.
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In the Shadow of the Screw.

gerrymandering in North CarolinaIn the 2012 national elections North Carolina had thirteen Congressional seats up for grabs, and the turnout was 51% Democratic and 49% Republican. You might guess that the thirteen seats were, therefore, split 50-50 or thereabouts, but you'd be wrong.

The total was nine Republican seats and four Democratic seats. Yes, Democrats voted more but got less. A whole lot less.

The reason for this ghastly result began back in 2010 when the Republican Party dumped huge amounts of money into rural contests in North Carolina. (The GOP also did this in seven other states, too.) By overwhelming under-funded opponents with PAC cash they earned enough seats to take control of the legislature and subsequently proceeded to gerrymander the shit of the place, packing the Democrats into nice, neat little districts wayyyyyy off to the side.

Even worse, in the seven states where Republicans redrew districts in 2010 Democrats and Republicans split the 2012 vote 50-50 (about 16 million votes each), but the result was 73 Republican seats and 34 Democratic seats.

Yeah, that's pretty fucked up, and it's very unhealthy for a semi-functioning democracy, though just dandy for an oligarchy. What's worse is we're stuck with this nonsense for the next 8 years.

Gerrymandering is legal because, like porn, it's difficult to define, so as long as we leave it to politicians to determine who votes for whom, we're screwed. So, instead, let's leave it to mathematicians. Watch the video below about the Shortest-Splitline Algorithm and see if you don't agree that there is a better way.


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The Shortest-Splitline Algorithm.

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