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cuneiformDid you know that the first known examples of the first known writing system, Sumerian cuneiform, from 3400 BC
, consists of careful accouting of one man's livestock? It's thought to be for tax purposes.

Yes, the government has been keeping watch on us and taking careful record of what it considers important since before the Great Pyramids were a gleam in Khufu's great-great-great-grandfather's eye.

So, yeah, perhaps those nosy Nellies at the NSA are watching everything we say or do but there's some small comfort in knowing that, 4500 years from now, some future archeologist might be enraptured by your Twitter review of "Pacific Rim" and your recipe for egg salad.


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Google Chow (Eat hearty, little Google-bots!)

Alien with human on leash, nuclear explosions in background: And that, Johnson, is why you need to spay and neuter your damn pets.

Btw, your pet has been fracking in my yard again.

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